At DicaSoftware, we offer in loco consulting for the tri State (PA/NJ/DE) area and software creation for automation on the Mac and online help for everywhere else.
What do we mean by automation? We mean a process creating many type of files, exchanging data between different type of files, altering data on files, etc via software without human intervention..
For instance, if a spreadsheet has data that should be used in a web site, instead of entering this data manually and running the risk of making mistakes, we can create a program that will do this automatically and reliably. And what is best, at a significant fraction of the time (may be seconds...).
We also offer software for education and business via automation of creation of databases and/or spreadsheets, creation of utilities for your Mac.
in this site there are freeware apps and shareware/commercial apps. We support all our freeware but commercial and shareware apps will be supported only when properly registered.
Also, if you need to deal with more sophisticated mathematical problems or data analysis, please contact us.